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Founded by Mr. Chen-Jung Hsu in 1995, the Chio-Tian Folk Drums & Art Troupe (hereafter Chio-Tian) was initially a traditional Taiwanese temple fair parade team. It has since focused its efforts on the innovation and refinement of its art and performance, elevating the traditional local parade show to a higher level of artistic quality and expertise. To achieve this purpose, Chio-Tian has invited experts of various fields of the performance arts (music, dance, theater and martial arts) as instructors, and the troupe leader would teach them about folk culture in return. Such method of cross-field exchange and integration maximizes the effectiveness of training and performance, and the troupe members are trained into not only professional performers but also folk art experts...




Thunder the World
◆ length: 5-7mins
◆ occasions: opening ceremony, celebrations, parties
◆ video: Thunder the World
To vibrate the earth with powerful drum sounds from the slow to the fast, with the thunder-like excitement of energy is the interpretation of the fast changing of the circumstances, the rejuvenation of the scenes, and the majestic grandeur by the pose of looking contemptuously at the world and convoying the dashing spirit and brand new expectations.

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