New Techno Prince Nezha

Here Comes the Energetic Superstar

Li Nezha, also known as the “Third Lotus Prince” and the “Marshal of the Central Altar”, is the youngest and naughtiest deity in folklore, his story well known and his vivacious personality a highlight in temple fairs. Originating in Taiwan, the “Techno Prince Nezha” performance combines the traditional parade dance by Nezha-costumed dancers with electronic music, depicting the Prince’s lively and humane personality. Accompanied with two cute “child gods of wealth” dancers, it is one of the most creative arrangements in temple fair shows. In 2020, Chio-Tian even composed brand new music for this number: a modern EDM track that heavily employs traditional instruments and theatrical music elements gradually stacking upon the groove to create a catchy, youthful tune. Slick new street dance moves have also been added to the repertoire, bringing a fresh “superstar” feel to the Prince.